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Bill grew up in a family of seven children and has been in church related work all of his professional career.  As Bill says, “The only thing I ever wanted to do is what I am doing;  I am living out my dream for which I am grateful to the Lord.”  Margaret grew up in a family of four children on a farm in the Thumb of Michigan and taught elementary school for a number of years.


Bill and Margaret met when they were Juniors in High School and for Bill it was love at first sight.  They were married after dating for four years.  They have four married children and 18 grandchildren.


Bill and Margaret served three different pastorates over a 40 year career of pastoring, which included one church of 24 years, served a stint as a district supervisor of pastors and churches, and then became the President of the Missionary Church denomination.  Bill currently serves as a Network Director in W Michigan.


Writing did not come easily for Bill.  He originally started writing to force himself to think through what he really wanted to say.  Writing also helped him crystalize his thinking on various subjects, particularly sermons.  Margaret loves children and wrote her first book to give a biblically based view of the gift of children.


In 1993 Bill was privileged to start a radio program, “Today’s Key to Confident Living” on WPHM in Port Huron, MI.  Being encouraged to syndicate the program, the network has grown to scores of stations across the United States.  Over 900 radio scripts have been recorded, some of which have been put in book form in Volumes 1, 2, 3 of “Keys to Open Your Heart.”


All of Bill and Margaret’s books are available at or by calling 1-888-333-KEYS (5397).  Ebooks are available at

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