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If we could bring YOU AND YOUR CHURCH LEADERS some of the best teachers from around the world to help you in your church, what kind of training would help you most?

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CLA is designed to help local church pastors and church leaders receive practical advise and ideas on a wide variety of subjects affecting the life of the church.  Multiple experts in numerous fields will be made available to churches in order to improve their “serve” to the church congregation and community.


Think of the value added to your church leadership team, if you had an expert in the following fields and others like these, teach your leadership team!  


  • Improving our ministry of “First Impressions”, “Greeting”, “Ushering”, Welcome Center?

  • What is the Biblical role of Deacons and how can we maximize their ministry?

  • What makes an effective board member?  What are some Board Member protocols?

  • How do you conduct a prayer walk?

  • How to improve your delegation skills?

  • How to build volunteer teams in your church?  Why is it important?

  • What Leadership Is - Is Not.

  • How can a small church start a church plant?

  • What should you expect from your music team?  

  • How to have good music if you don’t have a music team?

  • Best sermon preparation practices

  • Dreaming Big

  • Successful recruitment of volunteers

  • Time management

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Pastors, let CLA be involved in assisting in your training responsibilities.


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